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An anonymous tip led a Riverside man to recovers his World War II-era motorcycle that had been stolen a month ago.

After Mike Dunn posted to social media and went on local TV news reporting the theft from his driveway Feb. 27, he received a tip that his box trailer containing the 1941 BMW R12 German motorcycle was at a home in Rialto.

Dunn said in an interview that he and his wife went to the Rialto neighborhood where the bike was Monday, March 20, and notified police when he recognized his trailer.

When police arrived, he said, they confirmed that the trailer was Dunn’s and the bike was inside.

Dunn was elated to be reunited with his motorcycle.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” Dunn said.

There was no damage to the motorcycle, but the fenders on the trailer were dented.

“I can live with that, the bike was untouched,” Dunn said.

Dunn, who has a business buying and selling vintage German motorcycles, said in a February interview that he bought the bike from a client in Florida about three months ago.

He rebuilt the motor and transmission and fixed it up with new paint and accessories. He was going to sell the bike to a Palm Springs man who planned to pick it up the day it was stolen.

Now that he has the bike back, Dunn said he still plans to sell it.

“I am so grateful, this was the biggest burden lifted off of my shoulders,” Dunn said. “That was the worst three weeks ever. I am so happy and so relieved; it was a major financial burden on me.”